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Press Release's 7th Anniversary is Decorated with Interesting Events, Including the Launch of
ANNIVERSARY's 7th Anniversary is Decorated with Interesting Events, Including the Launch of

March 20, 2021

A series of live virtual tour programs, YourSay writer's workshop, as well as the grand final of Bintang Suara have also been decorating's 7th anniversary in the last few days.

In commemoration of the 7th anniversary which fell on March 11, 2021, in the last few days held a number of important and interesting activities. One of them was on Friday, March 19, when a webinar with the theme "Adaptation and Technology, Tips for Local MSMEs to Continue to Develop in the Midst of the Pandemic" was broadcasted live.

Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs Teten Masduki appeared as the keynote speaker in this webinar. Other speakers in this webinar include a businessman and businesswoman, namely Perry Tristianto (Bandung) who is known for managing the fashion, culinary and tourism businesses of the Farm House group, and Licke Mayasari (Surabaya) with the wedding gifts business Peapepo which she also supervised. Also speaking was the well-known marketing consultant Yuswohady, and Eri Palgunadi as JNE's VP of Marketing.

In addition to the webinar which also marked the launching of the Suara UMKM program, on the same day also officially launched the page which has recently begun to decorate the news timeline, especially regarding topics that are viral and become netizen's conversations. Then there was also a launching of points & rewards system for membership through the gateway which is used by YourSay writers, as well as a fresh new look design for the website.

The series of Anniversary events had also been enlivened the day before, through a series of live virtual tour programs "Let's Go Cabs" from tourist locations in three cities, namely Yogyakarta, Makassar and Bandung. Another event was the YourSay writing workshop which is also broadcasted live on the website and Suaradotcom Youtube channel.

Still related to the anniversary, on March 9, the Bintang Suara grand final event was held, taking place at the Swiss-Belhotel swimming pool area, Pondok Indah, Jakarta. With strict health protocols where only crew and special invitations were present, three contestants appeared at this main event, namely Aurel Ratamchia Dewanda, Sri Ayu Kurnia, and Imelda Mega Rosita. As a result, Aurel was chosen as the winner as well as a new talented singer who is considered ready to have a career in the Indonesian music industry.

Meanwhile, during an internal thanksgiving session for the 7th Anniversary celebration at office on Friday, March 19, the Board of Directors expressed happiness for the increasing age of this online media while continuing to gain achievements. Especially in the past year, which although was considered a hard time due to the pandemic situation, all employees can still be very productive, both in terms of content publication, launching and implementing various programs, to reaching achievements.

"It's been a tough year, and maybe it will still be tough considering the condition of the economy and the business world that is still trying to get up, but so far we can get through it with maximum effort. Of course, by entering the age of 7, we will strengthen our determination to continue to strive for the best results," said CEO of PT Arkadia Digital Media Tbk, Wiliam Martaputra.

The Editor in Chief of who is also Director of PT Arkadia Digital Media Tbk, Suwarjono, expressed the same thing. Suwarjono emphasized that through hard work and various innovation steps, one of which is through a network of collaborations with dozens of media in various regions in Indonesia, this online media will be able to survive and even take its own position as an independent media with a good reputation.

"As we get older, is of course now increasingly recognized by the public and is getting special attention. However, we will continue to develop various programs, including in terms of collaboration and content production, both to support our sustainability in the media business and in carrying out our functions as an independent press company that conveys information to the public," said Suwarjono.


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