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Two Recognitions in a Day for

February 17, 2021

A plaque of appreciation entitled Humanitarian Award is given by ACT in Jakarta, while the Surakarta City KPU appreciated's active involvement in publishing news regarding the 2020 Regional Elections.

In the midst of a pandemic situation that is still worrying, Tuesday, February 16th, is a day to be proud of and to be grateful for by, Arkadia Digital Media's main portal. Yes, because on that rare day received two recognitions from two different institutions in two different places.

One of the awards came from the humanitarian agency ACT (Aksi Cepat Tanggap). For the participation of, which is considered to have taken part in helping disaster victims, ACT gave a plaque of appreciation entitled Humanitarian Award.

This award was handed over directly by the General Manager of ACT, Ade M Yusuf, who that day visited the office in Jakarta with his team. Received by the Editor in Chief of Suwarjono who is also Director of PT Arkadia Digital Media Tbk, the award is referred to as an appreciation for's support and assistance in taking action together to provide real solutions helping brothers and sisters affected by disasters in the country.

"As an institution with many social programs and real actions in the community, including when a disaster occurs, we are well aware of the role of the media in disseminating various information to a wide audience," said Ade in a discussion at the office.

Suwarjono, on the other hand, underlined that this has indeed become the basic task and function of the mass media, other than that the readers themselves definitely need and will seek the information needed during these times of disaster.

"Since its first publication, has always tried to cover various events from various sides, run information, and bring up typical articles about the condition of the community and the stages of recovery, including directly from the field. Because this is indeed our duty," said Suwarjono.

The big earthquake that hit the West Sulawesi (Sulbar) area, which in particular had a major impact in the Majene and Mamuju areas at the end of January 2021, became one of the moments where ACT and were both involved in the field. Together with a number of other media, a journalist from at that time joined the ACT group which sent aid to affected areas. journalist Bagaskara Isdiansyah himself was also given a similar award plaque by ACT, for his direct involvement in the humanitarian mission after the West Sulawesi earthquake. It is known that ACT at that time brought no less than 1,000 tons of aid, while also carrying out various other social actions in disaster areas.

Meanwhile in Solo, on the same afternoon, also received another award, which on that occasion was represented by the editor of the regional page, Ronald Seger Prabowo. Presented by one of the commissioners of the Surakarta City KPU, Bambang Christanto, the award given was as a Media for Socializing the 2020 Regional Elections.

Together with several other media, is considered to have consistently provided education to the people of Solo regarding the 2020 Regional Elections. For this reason, according to the Chair of the Surakarta City KPU, Nurul Sutarti, his institution feels it is appropriate to appreciate and express gratitude.

"Media colleagues always participate in reporting on the stages of the 2020 Regional Elections, and other matters related to the KPU. We thank you," said Nurul Sutarti, who on that occasion also gave awards to several local Voting Organizing Groups (KPPS).


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