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Closing the Pandemic Year 2020: Several More Programs and Activities

Closing the Pandemic Year 2020: Several More Programs and Activities

December 21, 2020

Arkadia is closing 2020 with several more programs on hands, including opening a talent scout program called "Bintang Suara" and publishing six more Suara Regional pages.

The year 2020 which is coming to an end soon has been felt by almost all people and institutions on earth as a gloomy year. This is a pandemic year in which the spread of Covid-19 not only has claimed so many victims, but has also had an impact on the economy in various parts of the world, which has even brought about a crisis.

However, Arkadia Digital Media is still fighting strong and running its various programs and activities as good as possible. The Company is even proud to be able to go through the pandemic year so far with a pretty convincing performance, making various innovative steps including successfully launched programs and recording positive results, and will continue its activities until the very end of this year.

One of the things we are currently busy with towards the end of this year is a talent scout program for new singers namely "Bintang Suara". The talent search program which was held digitally (online) just opened the registration of participants on December 20, which was met with great enthusiasm by the prospective talents.

For information, the program which is a collaboration between Arkadia and PT Media Musik Proaktif, has been started after the official signing of the cooperation document in early November 2020. On that occasion, the CEOs of both companies expressed their big visions and hopes for this event.

"Although for us this is something relatively new, we will live it with full enthusiasm. The most important thing is that both parties can work well together, in good spirit, in order to achieve the goals of this program," said William Martaputra, CEO of PT Arkadia Digital Media Tbk as the parent company of, on that occasion.

"Hopefully this will become a productive synergy in the future. In the sense that it will not only be part of the collaboration between the two companies, but hopefully it can also raise the talents of singers, which we believe are still so many in Indonesia, so that they are widely known in the country's music industry," said the CEO of PT Media Musik Proaktif, Agi Sugiyanto.

The Chief Editor of, Suwarjono, also expressed his optimism and great hope for this event. At the same time, he ensured that this program is in line with the efforts to develop regional content, which has been increasingly being taken seriously recently through the development of Suara Regional pages.

"Bintang Suara is not just a creative program, in the sense of a talent search event, but also has a noble mission to raise not only the talents of local singers that may have gone unnoticed, but also to open up wider space for the publication of regional potentials at least in the fields of art and culture," said Suwarjono.

This event has also received support from many parties. Starting from public figures in the field of arts and culture, including well-known national singers --such as Hetty Koes Endang, Inul Daratista, Dewi Perssik and others-- as well as regional artists, to community leaders and public officials both at national and regional levels. Most of them viewed this event as an interesting breakthrough during the pandemic which is also an alternative channel for new singing talents throughout the archipelago.

Meanwhile, apart from Bintang Suara, in terms of content development which has recently been focused on regionals, has in the last few weeks been developing more of its Suara Regional pages. This time, six sub-domains or portals have been prepared and immediately operated, namely,,,, (Solo Raya), and (Bekasi, Karawang, Cikampek).

At the moment, these six new Suara Regional have already been publishing their respective local content and can be accessed by the readers both on desktop and mobile devices. Some of them are still produced and edited by the editorial team based in Jakarta, while some are already managed by the newest regional editors who were specifically recruited to strengthen this program.

With the addition of these six new Suara Regional pages, as been mentioned as target a few months ago, into the closing of this year then has already been managing 20 regional pages. In the end, as we have already mentioned before, this is not just business for us, but also as an effort to help advance and strengthen the media industry, including at the local level, which is expected to add more benefits to the public at large.


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