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Arkadia Now Has a New Regular Webinar Program Called "Bincang Online"

June 2, 2020

Kick-started on May 7, 2020, the inaugural Bincang Online presented the topic 'Strategy in the Storm: Online Media Business during the Covid-19 Pandemic'.

The Covid-19 pandemic affected almost all business sectors, including the media business, both nationally and globally. Like almost all other media, PT Arkadia Digital Media Tbk also felt the impact of the pandemic on its business.

Even so, we at the Company do not want to easily give up on the situation, and always try to make a breakthrough and develop new ideas, even in this difficult period. Starting from adjusting the working system to WFH, changing content presentation, releasing news products, and even creating new programs.

One of the mediums that are known to be rife with the ongoing pandemic is the video conference platform and its various uses. Activities of internal meetings via the internet, including online seminars that increasingly popularized the term "webinar", soon can be considered as a new regular activity for almost everyone.

In the middle of that, Arkadia finally made its own program with the name "Bincang Online". Kick-started on May 7, 2020, our inaugural Bincang Online presented the topic "Strategy in the Storm: Online Media Business during the Covid-19 Pandemic". The program, which was also aired live via the social media page, was in fact welcomed with enthusiasm, as evidenced by the 200 participants who logged-in via the Zoom application.

The inaugural Bincang Online itself presented Editor In Chief of, Suwarjono, as one of the speakers, along with CEO of Katadata, Metta Darmasaputra, and Internews Representative in Indonesia, Arfi Bambani. Both leaders of and, explained how their media dealt with the pandemic situation and their views for the future. While Arfi of Internews explained about the various opportunities that local media in Indonesia could try, including through schemes of grant or funding.

The Bincang Online program itself has since then become an Arkadia routine program, which is strived to be held regularly at least once a week with various interesting topics. Presented with a style that is sometimes adjusted to the sources and topic, including the ones involving writers, entrepreneurs, health experts and so on, the Bincang Online turns out to get a positive response.

"We ensure that this will become a routine program going forward, by presenting various topics and sources selected based on interesting fields and what we consider useful to our readers and the public. This is our main goal in this program, which is trying to give a program that is beneficial to the public, in addition to our regular news and information through our news portals," said Suwarjono.


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