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More than "WFH", Arkadia Follows All Covid-19 Rules and Protocol

March 31, 2020

More than just to obey the rules, the Company views that following recommendations from the government in this pandemic is very important for the good of its employees as well as the society.

The Covid-19 pandemic which is rapidly spreading to various parts of the world, has finally also arrived in Indonesia. At the beginning of March 2020 to be precise, the Indonesian government and public which previously were quite sure that there was no positive case of Covid-19, had to get the news of its first positive patient. Then shortly thereafter, patients after patients were recorded in various places --and the numbers soon continued to grow.

In a matter of a few days from the first patient, one of the public figures --the Indonesian Minister of Transportation-- was listed as coronavirus positive. This was immediately followed by various quick steps, one of which was the implementation of a more stringent Covid-19 handling protocol, as well as emergency status in several areas, more rapid tests and PCR tests, and wide calls for all institutions and companies to let or arrange their employees to work from home (WFH).

And like many other companies, PT Arkadia Digital Media Tbk which always complies with the rules, has also immediately followed the various protocols and recommendations. But more than just the principle for obedience of the rules, the Company views that following the recommendations or suggestions of the government and people who handle this pandemic is something important. It is important generally for the good of society, and especially of course it is also important for the wellbeing of all our employees.

Initially, when there was still no large-scale social restriction (PSBB) status in various places or in Jakarta, the Company implemented a partial remote working system for its employees. Then in the following week, as the status of the region changed following the rise of Covid-19 cases, Arkadia employees --both in the Jakarta and Yogyakarta offices-- were all told to fully work from home. Of course, our division heads and managers have also immediately managed other related things following this development.

Not only for working system arrangements, the maximum Covid-19 handling protocol was immediately implemented at the PT Arkadia Digital Media Tbk offices in Jakarta and Yogyakarta. This includes adding more equipments such as hand washing stations, hand sanitizers, masks, and so on. The company also provides vitamin supplements that were distributed to all employees, while also reminding them to always keep healthy with their families.

Further support was also carried out in the form of data collection on the health conditions and neighbourhood status of the employees; providing advice or solutions to any problems that may arise related to the pandemic, including options for rapid testing or swab test if needed and for employees who are suspected or at risk; as well as coordinating with health units and other government agencies. And meanwhile, the Company still tries to run its business units optimally, publishing its news portals as important sources of information for the public in the midst of this pandemic.


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