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A Fresh New Logo for and Launching of

March 10, 2020

The new logo shows's position, which has become increasingly solid in the midst of hard competition in the online media industry in Indonesia.

Coincided with the momentum of's 6th birthday celebration which was held on March 9, 2020, PT Arkadia Digital Media Tbk conducted two important launches. The first is the new logo for as the flagship portal for the Company's businesses; and the second is the launch of the platform.

This launching activity was carried out in conjunction with a small internal thanksgiving event at's 6th Anniversary which was held at the office on Sisingamangaraja, Jakarta. Although the event was held in Jakarta, the team in Yogyakarta also enjoyed the happy atmosphere through live video streaming, including interacting with the management in Jakarta.

The launch of these two new things was carried out after a brief ceremony of's birthday reflection which was attended by all the Board of Commissioners and Directors of the Company. In front of the employees and several close partners who were also invited, President Commissioner of PT Arkadia Digital Media Tbk, Stephen Sulistyo, underlined the cooperation and great role of all elements in the Company in bringing the success of and its sister portals so far.

The new logo itself appears with bolder but dynamic characters, which is showed by the font type, size and color settings. This appearance shows's position, which has become increasingly solid in the midst of hard competition in the online media industry in Indonesia, and yet ready to continue growing and do more with all its potential.

As for, the platform is primarily built a place to accommodate small and medium entrepreneurs who need to place digital ads but may have been difficult to do so --either because of price or no platform to use. This self-service advertising platform is made as neat and as good as possible, so advertisers can use it as easy as they could.

One of the main advantages of using for advertisements is that not only on, but there are also options to involve placement on several vertical portals in the Arkadia group --even more the potential to be placed on dozens of local online media accross Indonesia under's network.

Eventually, this year's birthday celebration with the ceremony, launching sessions and other activities was a lively and exciting event. Including when employees can also enjoy things such as quizzes and games, health discussion and free medical checks, delicious buffet, and of course an entertainment session presenting Steven & Coconut Treez band and singer Diana Dee. It was really a pleasant day.


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