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Two Days Training for Fact-Checking, Both in Arkadia Jakarta and Yogyakarta Offices

November 25, 2019

In Yogyakarta, Arkadia Digital Media took part in a simultaneous 23 cities fact check training program managed by AJI Indonesia with Google News Initiative and Internews.

As a big group that houses and 7 other sites, PT Arkadia Digital Media Tbk has again held a couple of fact check training in separate offices in Jakarta and Yogyakarta.

In Yogyakarta, Arkadia Digital Media took part in a simultaneous fact check training program in 23 cities involving a total of around 400 journalists, managed by AJI Indonesia together with Google News Initiative and Internews, on November 23 and 24. In this training, Arsito Hidayatullah, the Managing Editor of as well as a Google certified trainer, shared his knowledge with a fellow trainer, Siti Masnidar from Jambi.

Meanwhile, two days earlier in the Arkadia's Jakarta office, similar training was also held in two consecutive days. There, Arsito was accompanied by Asnil Bambani, a journalist who is also the Chairperson of AJI Jakarta.

"This kind of training is important, because as journalists ourselves, it is indeed our obligation to reveal the truth of information, the facts behind issues. And at Arkadia, especially at, we have been seriously trying to produce fact check articles regularly during this year," Arsito said.

In both trainings, the participants which are editorial staffs of each the Jakarta and Yogyakarta office, are taught several tips and tools for verifying or checking facts of information. They were also given tips related to digital security. More than just presentation and talks, the two days activities were mostly filled with exercises using tools that had been shared with the participants.


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