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Arkadia Launches New Platform, a News-Commerce Site Named

November 11, 2019

The launching of was deliberately carried out on November 11 or 11/11 which is also known as the Global Online Shopping Festival 11.11.

In the 2nd week of November 2019, Arkadia Digital Media has launched another business unit or new product. This time around, the parent company of and several other portals officially released an e-commerce site called the

The launching of itself was deliberately carried out on November 11 or 11/11 which is also known as the Global Online Shopping Festival 11.11 --as promoted by the Alibaba Group among others.

" is part of a platform we call news-commerce, where transactions to merchants begin with contents including articles, photos, infographics and or videos. From the content that is relevant to products, the user will be able to decide to buy or not a variety of products. If you are interested, you can directly do transaction, without having to go to another platform," explained Suwarjono, COO of PT Arkadia Digital Media Tbk who is also the Editor in Chief of

"It does not mean that we will lower the concentration of managing and developing our media which so far have grown in a good direction and recognized by many parties, but rather this is to give more value to our audience or readers," Suwarjono added.

One of the considerations of launching was also the high rate of growth of e-commerce in Indonesia. One reference is the data from Global Web Index which among other things states that Indonesia has the highest rank of e-commerce activity in the world, where 90 percent of internet users (aged 16-64 years) claimed to have shopped products/services online.

"It means that the potential is still big, and with the right business and development model, we are optimistic that we can also participate in this segment," said Suwarjono, who on that Monday of November 11 happened to be in China attending the Alibaba Group event in Hangzhou.

The soft launching of on Monday itself, besides being marked by an internal event at the Arkadia's office, was also showed by the presence of the Arkadia and Serbada teams in several trading center locations in Jakarta. At the moment, hundreds of products are already available at, ranging from clothing, books, cameras to drones, jewelry, and so on. In the future, all kinds of products and services that are interesting or needed by the public are hoped to be available on, a site which name is indeed derived from the combination of words "serba+ada" (everything is available).


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