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IFCN Officially Becomes One of the Media Under the International Fact-Checking Network

October 29, 2019 team has been producing Cek Fakta (fact-checking) contents regularly since last year which can be found in a special page collection.

After doing serious efforts in verifying issues or claims whose truth is not yet clear, especially through the Cek Fakta page, has now officially entered the global media network under the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN).

"Congratulations, your organization is now a verified signatory of the IFCN code of principles," wrote the IFCN in an email to the Fact Check team, on Monday, October 28.

To be noted, as explained by the IFCN on its online pages, the code of principles is for organizations that regularly publish nonpartisan reports on the accuracy of statements by public figures, major institutions, and other widely circulated claims of interest to society. This includes the verification of multimedia content that reached a wide public with the intention to deceive.

IFCN itself is a fact-checking network founded and managed by the Poynter Institute, a leading nonprofit research organization and journalism school based in St. Petersburg, Florida. At the moment, there are 71 global media or organizations that have been verified in the IFCN list, plus 9 more in the process of renewal. Besides, currently there are also,,,, and Mafindo from Indonesia.

The good news was welcomed by's Editor in Chief, Suwarjono, who felt that it's about time for to enter the IFCN network, especially with the team's commitment and continuity of Cek Fakta contents so far. He also emphasized that in the future, would be working more serious for these contents, including making the necessary development.'s practical involvement in producing Cek Fakta contents began in May 2018 when together with around 20 media joined to declare the launching of collaboration platform. The web itself, as a channel of efforts to fight disinformation, is also a manifestation of Indonesia mainstream media's concern about the rise of hoaxes in Indonesia.

The Cek Fakta contents produced by team can be found in a special page collection. On this page, readers can also find a little information about what are the Cek Fakta contents, the verification methodology and the publication, the team that manages it, including information on how the public can interact with the team.


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