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Journalists of Arkadia Continue to Be Recognized of Their Great Works

October 1, 2019

The most recent and quite prestige event was the MH Thamrin Journalism Award where a journalist's work was announced as one of the winners.

Journalists and writers in Arkadia Digital Media can be considered to be great people; they're mostly young, creative, and always have the determination for good achievement and to move forward.

Evidence of the quality of the editorial team can be seen, among others, from various accomplishments that have been achieved so far. There are for instance, various workshops and training programs that have often included journalists through selection.

A couple of programs that are quite often are health journalism and banking journalism education programs. Held almost every year, Arkadia journalists usually qualify for this event, and are entitled to get funding for their stories.

A few weeks ago, for example, a journalist also selected as the best 3 in oil palm coverage workshops that were part of the Ministry of Finance program. One of the "prices" was attending a related event in India.

Not only in government institution's programs, even in competitions or similar programs held by private companies, Arkadia journalists have also been successful several times. One recent example is an article related to the newly introduced Male Beauty Clinic organized by Zap.

Then, the most recent and quite prestige event was the MH Thamrin Journalism Award held by PWI Jaya, where in the announcement on 26 September, a journalist's work was also announced as one of the winners.

At this PWI Jaya event, was awarded 2nd place in the General Article Category, through a paper entitled "Huts in the Under Bridge in Jakarta, Life Struggle for Sex Workers with AIDS". The article is the result of Erick Tanjung's reportage that has been published several months before.

The various successes above certainly increase the spirit, not only for the journalists receiving awards, but also their fellow editors and other team's personnel in Arkadia Digital Media. Achievement that we should be proud of, which at the same time could becomes a trigger to achieve even better in the future.


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