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Hundreds of Participants Enjoyed Arkadia's Situ Gunung Trail Run 2019

August 26, 2019

This time around, Arkadia Digital Media held an outdoor event, a trail run involving hundreds of participants in a green and beautiful environtment of Sukabumi, West Java.

Another big event was held by Arkadia Digital Media, this time was held in Sukabumi, West Java. The event that involved hundreds of competing participants was Situ Gunung Trail Run (SGTR) 2019, which was held on Sunday morning, 25 August.

With the theme "Run For Nation", this event is part of the celebration on Indonesian Independence Day that falls on August 17 each year. This outdoor race or trail run was deliberately chosen, because in addition to being unique or a rare event held by media companies, also because of its nature environment --and even some conservation value with every participant involved in tree donations.

Indeed, this Arkadia Event's race was welcomed enthusiastically by many people. Incuding by a number of ministers and public figures who have helped promote it since a few months before the actual event, and also by hundreds of participants who overflowed to participate in this event.

The participants themselves were not just ordinary runners or people who participate while having recreation, but also many professional runners. And there were a number of foreign participants such as from the United States, Australia, Japan, France and other countries.

Many participants then appreciated this activity, and hoped that the same event will be held again next year or even become an annual event. Muhsen, one of the participants who won in the 21K Men Open category, claimed to have prepared for a month specifically for SGTR 2019. He also hopes that this event can be held again next year.

Similar expression mentioned by one foreign participant, Steve Patricio. Although he didn't win, he admitted that the event was very fun and pleasantful, and promised to come back if Situ Gunung Trail Run is to be held again next year.

A positive reception was also expressed by Sukabumi Regent, Marwan Hamami. He and his government also hoped that this event could become an annual agenda in the Sukabumi Regency, collaborating with Arkadia Digital Media.

"This is the first experience for Situ Gunung to have a trail run event. Hopefully this will become an annual routine or activity," said Marwan, hoping that the event could help their tourism spot to go international.

Editor in Chief of who is also COO of PT Arkadia Digital Media Tbk, Suwarjono, also hoped that this event will be able to help develop tourism in Sukabumi Regency. And of course, he also thanked all parties who had helped support this event as well as all the participants.


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