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Fighting Hoax

A Series of Joint Effort to Combat Election's Hoaxes through CekFakta Collaboration

April 18, 2019

The 2019 Presidential and General Election are accompanied by the phenomenon of increasingly widespread hoax or mis and disinformation content circulation. This has been a concern for many parties, including journalists and credible mass media.

In relation to it, entering the political year of 2019, a number of online media, especially those incorporated in the CekFakta collaboration where also participated, decided to counter questionable campaign claims together through a joint verification program.

The move was carried out through a joint fact-checking work at each of the 2019 Presidential Election debate. The first debate itself had taken place on January 17, where several media including also carried out live fact-cheking but still in their own newsrooms.

But at the second Presidential Election debate on February 17, dozens of media agreed to do it together in a shared workroom as a command center. To no surprise, Google, which from the beginning supported combat efforts for mis or disinformation through Google News Initiative, provided their office in the SCBD area as the command center.

And so, since the 2nd Presidential Debate in February, right through the next three debate (March 17, March 30 and April 13), Google Indonesia's office was packed with representatives from at least a dozen mass media. Also supported by a team from Mafindo, each program was also attended by several experts or reseachers from independent institutions that have knowledge to each of the debate themes. is involved in each of these programs, continuously sending one representative to the command center every time the Presidential Election debate took place. Every agenda also assisted by other parties, such as a provider of live transcript program, as well as social media dan documentation teams. The programs evidently gained pretty good response from the public.

Including when finally around the voting day on April 17, the fact-checkers again worked together at a big hall in the SCBD area for two consecutive days. This time, with a bit more complex working system, the team also got help from a number of journalism students, as well as some local media and journalists in several other cities in Indonesia.

"I think this is history," said Irene Jay Liu from Google, in an earlier part of the joint fact-checking program, expressing her enthusiasm and salute. Irene even said that similar fact-checking once carried out by some US media in the country's Presidential Election, did not even able to work together in one location, but rather just in each media's


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