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5th Birthday, Held a Political Talkshow and Launched 5 Regional News Portals

March 30, 2019

Following the 5th anniversary on March 11, held a major event. Held at one of the famous hotels in Jakarta, on Friday, March 29, 2019, the event contained a talk show entitled "Politics Without Hoax", followed by a launching of five regional news portals.

Speakers at the talk show were a number of well-known figures in their respective fields.

They were Imam Wahyudi from the Press Council, Rustika Herlambang from Indonesia Indicator, Henri Subiakto from the Ministry of Communication and Information, Imam Gunawan from the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and two female politicians namely Tina Talisa from the Nasdem Party and Annisa Tyas Palupi from the Democrat Party.

During the event which was attended by more than 100 invitees from the media, businesses, several academics and students, many speakers expressed serious concern about the widespread circulation of hoaxes in Indonesia. Even so, based on some experiences shared by them, there is optimism that the hoax wave can still be overcome, especially by maximizing the role of media, in addition to increasing literacy in the community.

The next part of the afternoon event was the launch of five regional news portals under, namely Suara Jabar, Suara Jateng, Suara Jatim, Suara Banten, and Suara Jogja. Designed as an effort to further expose important local news in each of the region, as well as to bring closer to regional readers, the launch itself is an initial part of's plan to expand its network throughout the archipelago.

The launch of these five regional news portals was carried out directly by the Presidential Chief of Staff, Moeldoko, who pressed the button as a symbol of inauguration. Accompanying Moeldoko on stage were the leaders of PT Arkadia Digital Media Tbk, namely President Commissioner Stephen Sulistyo, Commissioner Iwa Karunia, CEO Wiliam Martaputra, and COO who is also the Chief Editor of Suwarjono.

In his keynote speech on the day's event, Moeldoko hoped that could consistently maintain the credibility of its coverage. Moeldoko said he did not want to emulate the workings of some other media which were merely aimed at raising ratings by distributing hoax and controversial articles for the sake of number of readers.

"Consistency determines credibility. So, if you are not consistent with what is and has been going on so far, your credibility will decrease," Moeldoko said in front of leaders and invited guests.

Meanwhile, Chief Editor of Suwarjono explained, the launch of the 5 regional news portals was carried out after evaluating that readers are consistenly increasing after 5 years of circulation. In addition to that, he said, the internet penetration that was previously focused in DKI Jakarta area has now begun to spread and become increasingly high in many areas of Java.

"Today it turns out that West Java has the largest internet penetration. I think, whether we like it or not, we must get closer to the area, to be more specific (with the contents) to the readers," Suwarjono said.


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