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7 Arkadia Websites in Yogyakarta to Work Together with Gadjah Mada University

February 12, 2019

Representatives of the 7 websites of Arkadia Digital Media in Yogyakarta held an initial hearing and discussion with the Public Relations and Protocol Division of Gadjah Mada University at UGM Central Building, Yogyakarta, on Friday, January 25, 2019.

The visit that was led by the Bureau Head of Arkadia Digital Media in Yogyakarta, Rendy Sadikin, was taken in order to establish friendship and cooperation, as well as an official introduction to the Gadjah Mada University management.

It was expected to be the start of a good relationship between PT Arkadia Digital Media Tbk and UGM.

The arrival of the Arkadia Digital Media team at UGM Central Building was welcomed by the UGM Public Relations and Protocol Division Head, Iva Avriani. She was accompanied by two of her Sub-section Heads, Hestining Kurniastuti and Satria Ardhi Nugraha.

In the meeting, Rendy Sadikin introduced a brief company profile and the seven websites owned by Arkadia Digital Media that have been operating in Yogyakarta.

"In Yogyakarta, we have 7 websites, namely,,,,, and, which have been established since March 2018. Each online portal has different genre and reader segmentation," Rendy Sadikin said.

Iva said that the UGM ready to work with Arkadia Digital Media. According to her, there are a lot of potential that can be explored in the collaboration later.

For instance, Iva said that there are so many publications in UGM, including results of seminars, researches, student achievements and so on. She also said that the UGM has been known to have many experts in various fields which can be contacted as credible sources for the Arkadia Digital Media websites.

"We are happy and ready to work with Arkadia Digital Media. Hopefully this cooperation will work out fine, and benefit all parties and the society," Iva said.


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