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"Ngariung ka Bandung", a Happy Employee Gathering for the Arkadians

November 26, 2018

For two days full, on Friday and Saturday, November 23 to 24, around 200 employees of Arkadia Digital Media gathered together in an activity called "Arkadia Ngariung ka Bandung". For information, "ngariung" is a Sundanese term meaning "gathering". This employee gathering activity was held in one of the tourism locations in Lembang, Bandung.

More than 100 employees using two buses, while some managers and leaders used different vehicles, departing from Jalan Sisingamangaraja 21, Jakarta, since Friday morning.

Many of them have been preparing and arrived since dawn, some even spent the previous night at the office.

Meanwhile, dozens of other employees from 7 Arkadia websites that based in Yogyakarta, have departed since Thursday night using one bus to the location. And finally, on Friday afternoon, all employees and participants of the event had gathered at the beautiful and fresh event location in Lembang.

Although the weather once was interspersed by heavy rain, this event proved to be a moment of intimacy and full of excitement and happines for all the employees. Starting from the session of introduction which was quite important because many have not known each other (especially between Jakarta and Yogyakarta employees), interesting outbound programs, lunch and dinner together, entertainment and free events, tourism location visit, were all followed by the participants enthusiastically and cheerfully.

Interestingly, in one of the entertainment sessions in the evening, dangdut singer Ovi Sovianti, known as a former Duo Serigala member, joint and warmed the atmosphere with her performance singing a couple of songs. And not only Ovi, even her husband, Franky Ilham Roring, also had the chance to perform a song that night.

"I have been like a family with PT Arkadia, because a number of times I have also came to's office to do song promotions. It's really nice to be able to participate in this event," Ovi Sovianti said that night.

On the second day, after some free programs, including swimming, playing football or just gathering to sing together, the Arkadians --as the Arkadia employees been called-- then took part in the last activity which was visitins one of the tourism sites in Lembang area. Then after that, following lunch time, the group parted ways to go home: the Yogyakarta team departed with their bus, while the other employees are taken by two buses back to Jakarta.


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