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Public Expose, PT Arkadia Digital Media Ready to "Go Public"

August 7, 2018

With core business in online media and multimedia contents, PT Arkadia Digital Media is ready to offer its stocks to the public in a planned period of Initial Public Offering (IPO) between August 21 to 24, 2018. The actual listing in the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) is planned to be held on August 29, 20018.

The plan was unveiled in a public expose event at Hotel Century Park, Jakarta, on Monday, August 6, 2018. Speaking at the event, Wiliam Martaputra as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of PT Arkadia Digital Media explained that this is a big and strategic step of the company to expand its business.

The public expose event were also attended by other key managements of PT Arkadia Digital Media, including President Commissioner Stephen Sulistyo, Commissioner Iwa Karunia, Independent Commissioner Ariyo Ali Suprapto, Director Suwarjono, and Independent Director Fastabiqul Khair Algatot. They were accompanied by Denny Saliman from PT Danatama Makmur Sekuritas as the underwriter.

It was explained that through the IPO, PT Arkadia Digital Media is offering 54.55% of its shares, with no less than 150 millions of stocks will be offered. Offering their stocks in a price range from Rp 200 to Rp 400 per unit (lot), the company is expecting to gain fresh capital between Rp 20 billion to Rp 40 billion.

The company plans to use the money for capital expenditure (capex) and their expansion plan. As Mr Martaputra explained, around 34% of the capital will be used to upgrade infrastructure and hardwares accross all their business units, 53% will be used for developing platforms and other softwares, while the other 13% is for working capital accross all their business units.

Mr Martaputra also underlined that the company is optimistic about the rise of its value in the future, especially with their up-to-date credible contents, its independency, the use of various platforms with wide distribution network as well as other creative business models. In short, the company is believed to have a steady and significant growth in the future.

"Limitless creativity with so many development plans currently in our company are the elements that make us optimistic, that in terms of business, the future of this digital media is very promising," Mr Martaputra said.

As a background, PT Arkadia Digital Media has three subsidiary companies which are PT Arkadia Media Nusantara (AMN), PT Mata Media Nusantara (MMN), and PT Integra Archipelago Media (IAM). The companies manage a well-known online media; several new segmented portals such as,,,,,, and; a content provider business unit; a multimedia production unit as well as an event organizing unit; and several more in development.


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