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IndonesiaLeaks, an Investigative Journalism Collaboration Involving

July 9, 2018

Strengthening its journalists capabilities while also undertaking its main function to serve the public's right to know, continues its involvement in the IndonesiaLeaks collaboration. This is basically an investigative journalism initiative involving several media and non-government organizations (NGO) to try to uncover or report cases with data and sources supplied by member of the public anonimously.

Has been involved in the program since the initiation several months ago, a couple of editors and reporters have been joining trainings and meetings with the team. At the moment, there are a couple of cases they're working on, where they are fully supported by the office, community of the press, and hopefully by law enforcers and the public.

As been explained on its website, the IndonesiaLeaks is an initiative to give space for public informant to share data to media. The information being shared has to have urgency and importance to the public. Equipped with an encryption technology, the IndonesiaLeaks platform assures the secrecy of every informant.

Based on what being submitted through the IndonesiaLeaks platform, journalists in the program will then do their journalistic works, including to verify every early information. Thanks to the platform, journalists from different media will have an easier and managable way to collaborate and produce some high quality journalism reports.

At this moment, besides, some other media members of IndonesiaLeaks are JARING (Jaringan Indonesia untuk Jurnalisme Investigasi), Tempo, Bisnis Indonesia,, CNN Indonesia, Liputan 6, The Jakarta Post, and KBR. They are accompanied and supported by several partners from NGO, including Auriga, LBH Pers, ICW, Greenpeace, and

While stronger sinergy in reporting is one thing, wider publication and expose is another important target of this collaboration. In the end, this initiative can hopefully strengthen the media function as watchdogs --including to uncover corruptions-- and providing space for those who can't really have their voices heard.


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