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Sharing Sessions about Anti-Hoax Tools with Arkadia Editorial Teams

June 11, 2018

During two precious moments --especially because of the teams' daily tasks-- in the end of May and early June, the Arkadia editorial teams in Yogyakarta and Jakarta respectively, got some special short training sessions.

It's about how to anticipate hoax or misinformation and disinformation, where some useful and well-known digital tools been shared. The sessions were conducted by a's editor who have been one of certified trainers from this year's Google News Initiative program in collaboration with Internews and AJI.

In Yogyakarta, almost all the editorial team of Arkadia joined the training with big enthusiasm, even though the two-halfday sessions were held when most of them were fasting. The important thing is that all of these young journalists and writers have the same perspective towards hoax, and that from this moment on they have some relatively new knowledge about it.

Similar to their younger team in Yogyakarta, at PT Arkadia Digital Media office in Jakarta a couple of weeks later, the editorial team were also highly spirited about the training. And although some of them have already known few of the tools being shared (including from FirstDraft), the sessions have surely added more knowledge to them.

Training sessions within a trainer's own media is highly encouraged by GNI and its collaborators, while there's also a list of trainings --for journalists or other public members-- being held this year to spread the knowledge more nationwide. It is still a long battle against hoax or misinformation and disinformation, but steps are being taken --and Arkadia is proud to be part of this.


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