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Fighting Hoax, Joins Other Media in "CekFakta" Initiative

May 5, 2018

Around 22 online media and organisations, including, along with Google, have collaborated in the launch of This is a website that is aimed to fight the distribution of misinformation and disinformation in Indonesia.

The launch of was done in a big seminar and training called "Trusted Media Summit 2018", held at the Gran Melia Hotel, Kuningan, Jakarta, on Saturday, May 5.

This event was promoted and organized by people from the Google News Initiative program, in collaboration with Indonesian Cyber Media Association (AMSI), Indonesian Anti-hoax Community (Mafindo), and supported by Internews and the Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI Indonesia). itself is basically a portal that can be used to check many informations or topics distributed through the internet or other social media platform. They are listed and being verified by the media member of CekFakta, and are displayed in different results (statuses).

"AMSI believe this CekFakta initiative can be a breakthrough to filter hoaxes or other misinformation, especially in crucial moment like now, when we are facing regional elections and heading into the Presidential Election next year," said Chairman of AMSI, Wenseslaus Manggut.

"This project is interesting, because for the very first time more than 20 mainstream online media in Indonesia are collaborating rather than competing with each other. In this context, we choose to set aside competition for a bigger cause," said Wens.


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