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Arkadia Digital Media Officially Operates Its 3 New Portals in Yogyakarta

April 2, 2018

The three new portals of PT Arkadia Digital Media, namely, Bolatimes,com and, has been officially operating in Yogyakarta since Monday, April 2, at their new office.

The official launch of the office was led by COO of PT Arkadia Digital Media, Suwarjono. In his opening words, Suwarjono said that this launching is part of the new spirit in media development outside of Jakarta.

"So that not all media would focus on Jakarta anymore. Yogyakarta can be one of the choices for new media centers in this country, where news can be circulated and being produced," said Suwarjono.

Suwarjono explained that the three new portals are specifically targeting millenial generation of readers. While being new, he expected the three media can follow the success of their predecessor,, in fulfilling the need of the readers.

"These three media have actually been prepared long time ago, along with the development of, and now they have come to live," said Suwarjono.

For information, is an information portal producing contents about entertainment and the world of showbiz. It has contents not only about local selebrities and other news, but also from the Hollywood, and even the Bollywood and K-pop. specializing in football news and information, written and published in interesting ways so that readers can get rich information from them. Not only providing running news, the website regularly publishes articles about the WAGs (wife and girlfriends of footballers), and other people or things around it.

While in, there are reviews of gadgets, as well as updated information about gaming, the internet, other technological things, and also science news.


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