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Launching of 3 New Portals at's 4th Birthday

March 12, 2018

As of March 11 this year, is officialy 4 years old. Interestingly, while having the 4th birthday celebration at its headquater in Jakarta, PT Arkadia Digital Media, the parent company, also launched three new portals in order to fulfill the need of their readers.

The 3 new portals are which has all about entertainment contents, that specializes on gadget and technology, and that specifically focuses on football.

The launch of beta version for these 3 new portals was marked by pressing the "ON" button, introducing the three websites to the shareholders, management and all staff.

"This is also to mark the start of our expansion plan, along with bigger corpration steps to strengthen our company's capital structure. Soon we will also launch more content based and aggregator platform portals," said CEO of PT Arkadia Digital Media, Wiliam Martaputra, on Monday, March 12.

Mr. Martaputra said, the development of new media within this group is important as there's still big potential in the digital world in Indonesia. Moreover, the increasing numbers of internet users in Indonesia is so far not answered by the existence of enough good quality information websites. In fact, many information are still distributed mainly through social media which sometimes contains hoaxes.

"This is not only a kind of threat, but also a challenge for us to produce quality contents that may become reliable sources for the public. In other words, we want to produce a lot of informative contents for the new and increasing online readers," said Mr. Martaputra.

COO of PT Arkadia Digital Media, Suwarjono, explained that these new portals are specifically targeted for millenial or gen Y-Z readers as the biggest market in digital world today. But they also wants to look for new market of the internet users.

"Internet penetration is still raising. At the moment, only 53 percent of Indonesians are connected to internet. So there's still big market. We will be seriuosly concentrate to the growing of new readers, not only in big cities but all across Indonesia," said Suwarjono.

As for, Suwarjono claimed that they have their own strategy to keep the news website exist and can always compete with older and bigger websites.

"We always able to change and adapt, and it's all because of the new readers that have different characters and uniqueness," said Suwarjono.


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